Reviews & Testimonials

Neko Box has been receiving amazing reviews since we launched in October 2016. Check them out below!

Review of January 2017 New Beginnings Box by Asheli from Not a Tree Reviews

The theme for this box was "New Beginnings" and took us around the Asakusa Historic area of Tokyo. 

The coolest aspect of this subscription box is the Kawa Zine it includes. For each box the district that it focuses on is highlighted and they take us on a tour of that area and tell us all about it's history and culture.

The Neko Box is a great way for anyone that loves Japanese culture to experience it authentically. We love the variety and the way the box is presented. It's truly excellent. The presentation is wonderful, everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is fantastic. 

We think this makes the box a real treasure - because it really gives us a taste of what life in Japan is truly like!

Review of December 2016 Holiday Box by Kathryn from Kitsune Kun

Reflections on my first experience with Neko Box.

It was very exciting getting a package in the mail, not knowing what exactly would be inside. The Holiday Box was Daruma themed which was really cute. The rich reds were festive and warm and the idea of the daruma representing goals is perfect looking toward the New Year, which is the biggest winter holiday in Japan. Many people buy a new daruma for the new year with a certain goal in mind, and at the end of the year, people also bring their old ones, whose eyes have both been filled in, and they burn them in big New Year’s bonfires that many shrines perform. 

The box also included a very cute daruma print handkerchief and some beautiful metallic stickers that I’ll probably hoard and never use. There were also two lovely sake cups that make the prettiest noise when clinking together, and ceramic detail that looks like sprinkled snow.

Review of December 2016 'Holiday Box' by Symi Shi from BeejuBoxes

This is a review of December’s box, the holiday box. Each box includes an information card showing the items in the box.  I love that they added in some detailed descriptions of each item on the information card this month.

Daruma – This is this month’s signature item.  I was mostly excited to see Daruma-san in this box.  “Daruma are traditional handmade paper-mache dolls with a 300 year history.”  You’re supposed to make a holiday wish and color one eye, then color the second eye after the wish is granted.  I love that it’s bottom-heavy so it doesn’t fall over.  Time to make a wish.

Review of November 2016 'Tokyo Brunch' Box by Symi Shi from BeejuBoxes

This is a review of November’s box, their launching box.

Chrysanthemum Pattern Bowl and Dish – My favorites in this box! I love the chrysanthemum design a lot. The bowl is about the size of my hand stretching out. It’s perfect for a cold dish or some sushi. The little dish can be the matching piece to hold some soy sauce and wasabi. These make me crave sushi again.

Neko Box Tokyo Travel Zine – This tiny booklet actually contains lots of interesting facts about Tokyo and I had fun going over it.

Overall, I like everything in this month’s Neko box and I love to learn and experience a little more about Japan. Of course, I also love housewares from there.

Review of November 2016 'Tokyo Brunch' Box by Anjali  from This Splendid Shambles It’s such a neat idea, and the items are stunning and usable. I find that sometimes in subscription boxes I pull out an item and think ‘okay, so this is kind of neat, but what am I going to do with it?’. I didn’t think that at any time with this box. 

I was impressed by the time it took to get to New Zealand – only about a week, perhaps less. I was even more impressed by the way they packed it all up – nothing broken at all! – and that can be hard to achieve when working with such breakable items. So overall? Beautiful box, which was beautifully presented, and stunning items which are going to be used. A lot.