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How It Works

Discover hand-picked Japanese goods to inspire and enrich your life; 1 month at a time.

Join Now to get your surprise box of Japanese homeware, ceramics, stationery, art prints and more! Each box includes 5-7 premium items from Japan; so you can discover exotic delights all from the comfort of your own home. Every month's box has a different theme, for example; Tokyo Brunch, Mt Fuji, Hanami.

Items are sourced and shipped directly from Japan; it's like having a Japanese friend who knows what you love and sends you amazing gifts each month!

We deliver to over 100 countries for only $10! Shipping to most countries takes 1-2 weeks.

New orders are open until the 21st of each month prior to shipping. Every month has a limited number of boxes available, so get in quick.

1. Choose Your Subscription

Pay monthly, or choose a discounted prepaid plan! You can also gift a subscription or a gift card; perfect for Christmas and birthdays.

2. We hand-select every item

We source locally made items from around Japan. Most items will be a surprise (it's more fun this way) but we'll let you in on a few sneak-peeks!

3. Enjoy your monthly Neko Box!

You receive an amazingly curated box of Japanese lifestyle items that you love. You're excited for next month's box to arrive!

Previous Boxes

December 2016 'Holiday Box'

Our December Box featured a handmade daruma, 2 handmade sake cups, a daruma-print cloth, daruma stickers, a holiday card and our exclusive KAWA travel zine (Yokohama Guide)!

November 2016 'Tokyo Brunch'

Our November box featured 3 premium ceramic pieces, patterned chopsticks and our exclusive KAWA travel zine! 

Your monthly dose of Zen

Bring harmony and beauty into your life with a monthly subscription box of unique Japanese lifestyle goods. 

Japan is well-known for it's wabi-sabi philosophy: 'embracing the beauty of transience and imperfection'. You can see this in all aspects of daily life, but especially in ceramic wares.

Shipped from Japan, straight to your doorstep, you'll be discovering new favourites in no time. 

KAWA travel zine

KAWA is our Japan travel zine (mini magazine), designed exclusively for Neko Box customers. KAWA is designed by Neko Box and features beautiful custom illustrations.

Each KAWA issue focuses on a different neighbourhood or area in Japan. We show you our favourite  shops, cafes and sightseeing spots so you can explore Japan like a local!